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What the Heck are Shower Melts?!

Hello readers, and thank you for visiting my page! I’m Sami, the owner of Frankie’s Bath and creator of all the products you find on our site. Today I wanted to write a little bit about shower melts and why they are a great way to relax on a daily basis. Shower melts are some of my favorite products because not everyone likes to take baths, or even has a bath tub, but everyone should be able to use products that make them feel relaxed. I love shower melts because they not only make your whole bathroom smell amazing, but they are mess-free since they dissolve with the water from the shower.

Pictured here is our Eucalyptus & Lemongrass Shower Melts

Shower melts, also known commonly as shower steamers, are made up of few and simple ingredients like baking soda and citric acid, releasing amazing smells into your shower and bathroom as they dissolve. The first time I heard about shower steamers was a few years ago when my friend asked me if I had anything like a bath bomb but for the shower. At the time, I was just learning how to make bath bombs and really wasn’t sure how I could make something similar but for the shower. After some googling and pouring over YouTube videos of other creators, I decided to go through my ingredients and try my hand at making shower steamers.

Starting with a bit of baking soda as the main base for the recipe, I tried a few combinations to test out which concoctions had the best result. After testing, and mixing, and adding more citric acid or less baking soda, I finally figured out a recipe that was consistent and what I was looking for. Adding essential oils, soap dye, and water to my baking soda and citric acid mixture, I took my dough and pressed it into small molds waiting for it to dry and harden up. A few hours later, I popped my shower steamers out of their molds and turned on a hot shower to see what would happen.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how or even if, the shower steamers would even work; I mean, how could they do anything when they dissolve in the water anyway? Luckily, the first batch I made was with Eucalyptus oil and as I turned on the shower and tossed one on the floor, I noticed right away how my sinuses cleared out and how relaxed I became. I’m a sucker for taking baths with bath bombs because I love being warm and being surrounded by good smells, but shower steamers made it possible to experience that calming feeling when I wake up in the morning, after a run, or before I go to bed at night.

I decided to call my version of shower steamers, shower melts, and ever since I made my first batch I’ve been hooked. Shower melts do best when the water from the shower isn’t directly hitting the melt, but rather, gradually dissolving the melt (which will make it last longer for lengthier showers). Bath bombs are great because they smell good and they make you feel relaxed, but not everyone has a bath tub or enjoys taking baths-shower melts are the perfect in between. If you try one of my packs of shower melts, THANK YOU for supporting me and my growing small business and I know you won’t be disappointed; if you are, message me and I’ll give you something you will enjoy. Making handmade products that make other people happy is my jam and I really can’t thank you enough for reading this and browsing my website.

-Sami Miller

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