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Shampoo Bars and Their Benefits


Most people might not know or have heard of a shampoo bar, being familiar with plastic bottle shampoo that you can find in almost any grocery or retail store. Unlike shampoo that you might normally use in a plastic bottle, shampoo bars are compact, solid, and disintegrate naturally through use. Not only are shampoo bars eco-friendly and portable due to their small size, the shampoo bars made here at Frankie’s Bath are sulfate free and packed with healthy, simple oils. When I find myself reading the ingredients on common shampoo products, I tend to get confused and not know what half of the things listed even are. Because I don’t know those random ingredients big companies put inside their products (and I’m assuming most other people don’t either), I wanted to make something that was not only good for people’s hair, but also products that I knew exactly what was going into them.


All of our shampoo bars are made through cold process soap making. Briefly, cold process soap making is a type of soap making in which the combination of lye and water is mixed with heated oils, colorant, fragrance, and then poured into a mold and cut after the soap has hardened in the mold. While typically shampoo comes in a liquid form, shampoo bars are solid due to an alternative process in the way that shampoo is commonly made. The oils used in the process of making our shampoo bars are a blend of shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil, along with the fragrance of choice. The blend of oils with the lye mixture gives our shampoo bars good balance between those fattier oils and oils with thinner consistency, and through these blends of oils creates a soap that actually puts good oils into your hair.


One of the many great things about cold process soap and shampoo bars are that they last for quite a while. Cold process soap can have a multi-year shelf life if not used and gets better with time. According to an online article in Men's Health, Cristina Montemayor says, “Using a shampoo bar provides better potency of the product versus a regular shampoo. Essentially, using a bar you’re receiving three times the power and potency, versus receiving watered-down results from traditional shampoo.” Not only do shampoo bars last longer, but there is more bang for your buck buying a shampoo bar than a traditional plastic bottle of shampoo.


If you’ve never tried a shampoo bar before or if you know someone who might like one, check out our product line in the shop tab. Whether you prefer something more floral scented like lavender, or something fruity like grapefruit, we have plenty of shampoo bars for you to choose from. As someone who not only makes the shampoo bars but uses them whenever I wash my hair, I can tell you that my hair has never felt this healthy before.

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